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Investor Outreach

Today many startup companies aim to solve many of the same problems and please many of the same communities. We’ve decided to focus on the Industrial workplace in hopes of bringing it to modernization and less reliant on multiple third party services. We’re starting with upgrading the Industrial Work experience and aiming to streamline Industrial E-Commerce. We don’t have to tell you how big the Industrial world is because we all inherently live in an industrial landscape. From the cranes raised above our cities to the solar panels being installed across the world, this is a large workforce who relies on outdated technologies to help them perform their jobs. We want to help improve those technologies.

Today we’re evaluating product-market fit and focusing on building a large satisfied user base with quality contributors. We have fresh ideas set to be released in phases with built-in revenue streams, some hitting the market now, some being carefully constructed and released at a later date. Most importantly, we have a strong vision supported by confident projections and a clear understanding that execution and adaptation will be keys to our success. We have no doubt, we will fulfill our mission.

Indy John is in expansion mode, and now is the ideal time to look for strategic partners to help us realize a market opportunity. If you’re interested in assisting or playing a role in our growth as a company?

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