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About Us

About Indy John

Indy John is a startup company founded in 2014, formerly known as Indy John is a free Industrial work app that offer a convenient and better way to Buy, Sell and Work online.

Our Industrial Network contains valuable applications designed to help Industrial Professionals, Buyers and Sellers to network, streamline the Buy-Sell process and perform their jobs more efficiently. Sign up to learn more.

The Indy John Team

Indy John is a growing startup company preparing for big expansion. Our team is made up of experienced Industrial, Business, and Technical professionals. Since our launch in 2014, our company has gone through exciting necessary changes and we believe we are building something great to offer the Industrial world. Our customer reach has recently expanded across multiple Industries and user feedback continues to pour in, so our team will remain in growth mode focused on creating valuable new applications and tools to offer our users.

Our mission is clear - We're aiming to help you grow a true Industrial network.

Feel free to reach out to us and offer your feedback, we'd love to hear your thoughts or ideas.